We are an ideal partner for small business owners seeking liquidity, capital for growth and/or recapitalization.

Our Investment Philosophy

Do No Harm

Our philosophy is first and foremost to ‘do no harm’ – don’t break what isn’t broken. Before thinking of or implementing changes, we get to know each company thoroughly so we can help make thoughtful improvements.


We are not investing for fast profits but rather for long-term capital appreciation. We believe our management partnership model and value-added approach leads to superior long-term returns.

Partner with Management

We work closely with managers to assure an alignment of interests focused on long-term growth and value. We typically put equity plans in place for managers to give them further interest in their company’s success.


We help make good small companies even better. We do this over time by providing the resources, knowledge and talent to implement positive, growth-producing changes.

What are we looking for?

A strong business

Clear evidence of a business with strong cash flows and significant revenues in an attractive market sector that is supported by growing demand.

Talented management

We seek out excellence in all the people we work with.


A great business can be distilled to a simple proposition without losing its attractiveness. If it takes more than two sentences to explain the business, how can it be effectively communicated to customers, employees, and shareholders?

Scalable Opportunity

We are always looking for businesses in areas that have secular growth drivers. We then vet with a bias to those businesses that can grow operating margins while increasing revenues. These types of businesses are by definition scalable and attractive investment opportunities.