Hilary's Eat Well B Corp Certified

What a beautiful way to introduce our newest piece of exciting news! Hilary’s Eat Well is proud to announce our recent certification to The B Corporation. Haven’t heard of B Corp? It’s time to change that.

B Corporation is a community of over 900 companies, in over 29 countries, who share a common desire to change the way we do business.  These companies ask the question, “How can our business be a force for good in the world?”.

Hilary’s wants to be a part of that answer. We have dreamed of becoming B Corp certified for some time now. Our company culture has always reflected our sincere desire to better understand how food works within our bodies, the world and the greater economy. We’ve always known that to grow, learn, and improve- we must always see the interconnectedness of everything and everyone around us.

And now, we have this incredible certification to give credibility to that. We are committed to utilizing sustainable business practices and remaining transparent.  As a young company, we feel very fortunate to have access to the greater community of B-Corp companies.

We are ready to “B the Change” and hope you will join us on the beautiful adventures to come.

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Local burgers gain far-flung following

LJ World By Sara Shepherd
July 8, 2013

Lawrence diners can’t get the World’s Best Veggie Burger or an Adzuki Bean Burger with a basket of fries at Local Burger anymore. Does that mean the vegetarian favorites from the shuttered Vermont Street eatery are gone for good? Hardly. Check the freezers in grocery stores nationwide and you’ll spot those Lawrence-made patties flying off the shelves. A year after closing her restaurant to focus full-time on retail manufacturing, Hilary Brown’s veggie burger business is booming.

Hilary’s Eat Well products are now in close to 1,700 stores, and company officials say recent weeks have been their biggest yet — with production at 84,000 burgers a week.  The company has moved from its first manufacturing spot into a new 9,000-square-foot facility at 2205 Haskell Ave., where production got underway about a month ago.  Pausing during a morning of veggie-burger making, packaging and truck-loading at the new plant, production manager Derick Alexander put things in perspective.  “The entire old building could probably fit in our freezer,” he said. But Alexander said he isn’t surprised by the company’s fast growth. “Hilary’s passion toward her product is crazy,” he said. “She can get anyone to eat it, even if they don’t like veggies.”  

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